To avoid errors, we explain here how to configure the script correctly

Change language

If you change the language, make sure the file also exists under ./locales and the language exists under ./html/language.js

Change the value to the language you want to use

Config.Locale = 'en'

Using Blackmoney / Money as Items

If you have money and black money as items, then you should set the Config.IsBlackMoneyItem value to true. Then adjust the item names. If you do not have the money as items, set the correct accounts

Config.IsBlackMoneyItem = true
Config.BlackMoneyAccount = 'black_money'
Config.BlackMoneyItem = 'black_money'
Config.MoneyAccount = 'money'
Config.MoneyItem = 'cash'

Add custom Notify

If you want to change the default notify messages, change the value in the config.

function SendNotify(message, _type)
    exports['mxo-notify']:Alert('Moneywash', message, 4000, _type)

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