To avoid errors, we explain here how to configure the script correctly

Setup Framework

To use the correct function that provides the framework to the script, you must either set Config.GetSharedObjectFunction to true here, or use the GetESX() function.

If you want to use the GetESX() function, you have to set Config.GetSharedObjectFunction to false.

If you are using ESX 1.7.5 or later, set Config.GetSharedObjectFunction to true.

Revive Trigger

By default, the esx_ambulancejob is enabled. However, you can change the trigger by entering your revive trigger in the config.

Config.Revive = function(player) 
    TriggerClientEvent('esx_ambulancejob:revive', player)
    -- Insert your revive code here

Change language

If you change the language, make sure the file also exists under ./locales and the language exists under ./html/language.js

Change the value to the language you want to use

Config.Locale = 'en'

Add custom Notify

If you want to change the default notify messages, change the value in the config.

function SendNotify(message, _type)
    exports['mxo-notify']:Alert('Moneywash', message, 4000, _type)

Blacklisted Deathcauses

If a player has died from a death cause that is blacklisted, he cannot be revived in revivestation. To add a blacklisted death cause just put it in the list.

Config.BlacklistedDeathCauses = ["Explosion", "Burn", "Gas", ...]

possible death causes are:

  • Animal

  • Bullet

  • Burn

  • Car

  • Drown

  • Explosion

  • FallDamage

  • Gas

  • Knife

  • Melee

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